1. Therapy 04:26
2. No More Friends 04:13
3. Procrastination 03:37
4. Lie To Me 05:03
5. Lonely City 03:51
6. Love Song 01:31
7. Breaking Up 02:45
8. Moving On Down The Line 04:42
9. 1500 Jessicas 03:59
10. Love Me Til Sunday 03:12

American Gun is:
Andrew Hoose (drums)
Kevin Kimbrell (bass, noise)
Todd Mathis (vocals, electric/acoustic guitars, piano, noise)
Noel C. Rodgers (electric/acoustic guitars, noise)

With Special Guests:
Mitch Easter: guitar track 9
Richard Putnum: organ tracks 1,3, 4, 9 piano track 1
Paul Bodamer: vocals track 1

All songs by Mathis © 2011 stepoutofthelinemusic BMI
Except “Movin’ On Down the Line” by Mathis/Kimbrell/Hoose/Kyle Petersen/American Gun &
“Lie To Me” by Mathis/Rodgers/American Gun both © 2011 stepoutofthelinemusic, ultracoldsound, americangunsmakemusic BMI

Produced by Paul Bodamer and Todd Mathis for the Appalachian Mining Co.
Recorded/Engineered by Paul Bodamer and Mitch Easter at the Fidelitorium Kernersville, NC September 2010
Additional Recording/Engineering by Paul Bodamer at jangly records Columbia, SC December 2010
Mixed by Paul Bodamer at jangly records Columbia, SC January 2011
Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Charlotte, NC March 2011
Photography by Travis Teate
Layout by Kevin Kimbrell www.ultracoldsound.com
Models: Caitlin Hunt & Sam Brigham

American Gun would like to thank:
Paul, Mitch, Kyle, Richard

Also, thank you to these people for supporting the band:
Kyle Petersen, Annie Boiter-Jolley, Eli Petersen, Cindi Boiter & Bob Jolley, Jeff Crews, Julian T. Raymond, Clayton Mathis, David Stringer, Tim Morgan, Jack Beasley, Ryan Foster, Mayer Danzig, Tom Osborne, Don, Cathy, & Teeter Sears, Libby Carnohan, Heather Green, Mark & Angel Hjarding, Kevin Hall, Butch Bowers, Todd Caroll, Debbie Johnson, Letitia Kimbrell, Baljinder Sekhon, Marty Fort, Art Bar, Claire Ramberg, Tom Utsey, Erwin Lutzens, Mayer Danzig, Nicholas Annan, Andrew Lyons, Tammy Brooks, Daniel Machado, Sabrina Todd, Heather Brown, Jonathan Bouknight, The Sea Wolf Mutiny, Ralf Rischke, Brian Havens, Mike Carnohan

American Gun uses Caroline Guitar pedals: www.carolineguitar.com